Pippi på de sju haven (in Swedish)
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Pippi på de sju haven (in Swedish) in the group Media / Dvd / DVD at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (7391772341860)
Pippi på de sju haven (in Swedish)

Pippi på de sju haven (in Swedish)

One day, Pippi gets a message in a bottle all the way from the South Seas. The message is from Pippi’s father, Captain Longstocking, who has been captured by pirates and now asks his strong daughter for help. Pippi doesn’t hesitate for a second of course. Together with Tommy and Annika, she sets of for the South Seas to rescue her father. But many dangers lurk on the way, and even more when they arrive at Porte Piluse, the place where the pirates rule. (In Swedish)
60 kr

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