Rasmus på luffen, Blu-ray (in Swedish)
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Rasmus på luffen, Blu-ray (in Swedish) in the group Media / Dvd / Bluray at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (7391772505361)
Rasmus på luffen, Blu-ray (in Swedish)

Rasmus på luffen, Blu-ray (in Swedish)

Rasmus doesn’t have any parents. He lives in an orphanage that is strict, but still fun, as he has his best friend Gunnar. But it would be fun with parents of his own. Every now and then, childless couples come to the home to choose a child, but they don’t want boys with straight hair. They always choose a girl with curly hair. Rasmus realises that if he is ever to get parents of his own, he will have to take matters into his own hands. He runs away.... Already the first morning, he meets a tramp who spent the night in the same barn as Rasmus. Rasmus wonders if they can join forces, and so begins their exciting, meandering adventure together. Spoken languages: Swedish and Norwegian. Subtitles: Swedish SDH and Norwegian. Running time: 101 minutes.
60 kr