Alltid Astrid (in Swedish)
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Alltid Astrid (in Swedish) in the group Books  / Books about Astrid at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789113041766)
Alltid Astrid (in Swedish)

Alltid Astrid (in Swedish)

Astrid Lindgren’s books have followed the literary scholar Ulla Lundqvist through her life. During the 70s, Ulla worked on her dissertation on Pippi Longstocking and came to meet Astrid herself and became a frequent guest at Astrid’s home on Dalagatan. First, we reacquaint ourselves with some of Astrid’s early works: the Pippi Longstocking books as well as the girls’ books and the adult professional woman Kati – many of Astrid’s alter egos. So some of the most important threads in Astrid Lindgren’s poetic fabric are uncovered: the uncompromising preaching of non-violence, solidarity with the very youngest, not just children but also society’s weak, and finally the tone of longing that vibrates through the great story texts. The last part of the book stems from Ulla Lundqvist spending most of her professional life as a teacher: everywhere, she took Astrid Lindgren’s books with her, from the Häggvik School in Sollentuna, Sweden, to the West Bank in Palestine. (In Swedish)
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