Rasmus på Luffen (in Swedish)
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Rasmus på Luffen (in Swedish) in the group Characters  / Rasmus and the tramp at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789129657784)
Rasmus på Luffen (in Swedish)

Rasmus på Luffen (in Swedish)

When you are an orphan boy who nobody wants, then you might as well be dead thinks Rasmus. But then he has a brilliant idea. He can leave the children’s home, run away, go out into the world and find someone who wants him. If they have no one else to choose from, then they’ll have to take one thinks Rasmus. But it doesn’t quite turn out as Rasmus thought. But he does meet Paradis-Oskar, who calls himself God’s best friend, and joins the tramp on the road. And things turn out quite well anyway. So much happens when you are a tramp. (In Swedish)
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