Rasmus, Pontus och Toker (in Swedish)
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Rasmus, Pontus och Toker (in Swedish) in the group Books  / Collection books at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789129657807)
Rasmus, Pontus och Toker (in Swedish)

Rasmus, Pontus och Toker (in Swedish)

Everything that little Västanvik has in terms of adventure can be found at Lusknäckarmalmen, the town’s ancient marketplace. This is where Rasmus and Pontus come one Wednesday evening to see the world-famous sword swallower Alfredo. Poor Toker, who is only a little dog, has to stay at home. You can’t take a dog when you are going to ride on the merry-go-round or plank in the sword swallower’s tent. Nor can Toker come along when the Rescue Corps for Love’s Victims sets out on its nightly expedition. But then his patience runs out and he sets off on his short little legs right into the middle of where it’s all happening. (In Swedish)
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