Mio min mio (In Swedish)
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Mio min mio (In Swedish) in the group Books  / 6-9 Year at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789129678154)
Mio min mio (In Swedish)

Mio min mio (In Swedish)

Did anyone listen to the radio the 15th of October last year? Did anyone hear about a missing boy? This is what they said: “The police in Stockholm are looking for a 9-year-old Bo Vilhelm Olsson who has been missing from his home, Upplandsgatan 13, since the night before last. Bo Vilhelm Olsson has blond hair and blue eyes and when he disappeared he was wearing short brown trousers, a grey knitted jumper and a small red hood. Information about the missing boy should be reported to the Police’s Orderly Department.” Yes, that’s what they said. But there were never any messages about Bo Vilhelm Olsson. He was gone. No one ever found out where he went. So begins the story of Mio. (In Swedish)
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