Emils hyss nr 325 (in Swedish)
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Emils hyss nr 325 (in Swedish) in the group Characters  / Emil in Lönneberga at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789129688153)
Emils hyss nr 325 (in Swedish)

Emils hyss nr 325 (in Swedish)

The three stories about That Emil and Ida are about Astrid Lindgren’s own Småland and are inspired by her father’s childhood memories. They are much loved, not least when read by Astrid Lindgren herself with her unbeatable feeling and sense of humour. Contains: Emils hyss nr 325, När Emil körde huvudet i soppskålen and När Emil hävde paltsmet över sin fader och täljde sin hundrade gubbe. (In Swedish)
75 kr

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