Och nu så vill jag sjunga (in Swedish)
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Och nu så vill jag sjunga (in Swedish) in the group Media / Musicbooks at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789129691085)
Och nu så vill jag sjunga (in Swedish)

Och nu så vill jag sjunga (in Swedish)

Astrid Lindgren’s songs about Pippi Longstocking, That Emil, Ida and all the others are always popular, and now they have their place among the classical Swedish children’s songs. The songs are now taking the step to the next generation! This is the song book for young and old with 30 songs about Astrid’s well-known and beloved characters. Text, pictures and music notation with chord analyses can be found in the book, and all the songs are available on the digital player that is included. Press the button and sing along to the nice composition. Arrangement, performance and recording of the songs by Klas Widén, musician with many years of experience working with children singing. Most of Astrid Lindgren’s songs have been set to music by Georg Riedel. But there are also melodies by Jan Johansson, Bengt Hallberg, Lillebror Söderlundh, Björn Isfält and Ulf Björlin. The illustrations are the classic ones by Ingrid Vang Nyman, Ilon Wikland and Björn Berg. 1. Här kommer Pippi Långstrump 2. Du käre lille snickerbo 3. Sommaren är min 4. Bom sicka bom 5. Lille katt 6. Idas sommarvisa 7. Grisen gal i granens topp 8. Pilutta-visan 9. När mamma var liten 10. Världens bästa Karlsson 11. Kom an, kom an pirater 12. Sjörövar-Fabbe 13. Kalle Teodor 14. Hujedamej 15. Vår på Saltkråkan 16. Ge mig mera köttbullar 17. Falukorvsvisan 18. Mors lilla lathund 19. Grisevisan 20. Vem är inte rädd i bland 21. Fiffi-fiffilura 22. Mejra merja mojsi 23. En till som jag 24. Tänk jag drömde i natt 25. Fattig bonddräng 26. Törnrosdalens frihetssång 27. Vargsången 28. Alla ska sova för nu är det natt 29. Sov alla 30. Sov min lilla lusegris. (In Swedish)
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