Alla Mina Barn (In Swedish)
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Alla Mina Barn (In Swedish) in the group Books  / 6-9 Year at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789129723229)
Alla Mina Barn (In Swedish)
Alla Mina Barn (In Swedish)

Alla Mina Barn (In Swedish)

In a new initiative, Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag, Radiohjälpens  collection The World's Children and Rabén & Sjögren together publish a unique anthology, "All My Children", with excerpts from eight of Astrid Lindgren's books.

The anthology contains stories about children's needs for dreams, freedom, security, play and imagination. The wish is that the book should provide good reading time and encourage the conversations and thoughts of the person who reads or listens. Each book helps to raise the rights of children.

100 SEK per book goes directly to the Children of the World.

200 kr

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