Från New York till Lönneberga
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Från New York till Lönneberga: En bok om Björn Berg (in Swedish) in the group Characters  / Emil in Lönneberga at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789197668095)
Från New York till Lönneberga: En bok om Björn Berg (in Swedish)

Från New York till Lönneberga: En bok om Björn Berg (in Swedish)

A portrait of Björn Berg (1923-2008). Björn Berg was one of Sweden’s best-loved artists and illustrators, commonly associated with his most familiar characters: That Emil and Mrs Pepperpot. Björn collaborated with many well-known Nordic text makers, including Astrid Lindgren, Alf Henrikson, Alf Prøysen, PC Jersild and Hans Alfredson. The wide and versatile art production, including painting, graphic art and woodcarving, are presented, for the first time, in an aggregate form. Björn Berg was something of a globetrotter. He was born in Germany in Unterwössen, grew up in New York, and was a vagabond with a pen in hand in post-war Europe. He received his artistic training from his father, the Technical School, the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm and artists‘ studios in Paris. He was employed by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter for more than 30 years where he illustrated the Alf Henrikson’s daily verses and travelled as a news Illustrator to all the corners of the world. Björn’s own voice provides the structure of the story. Text and pictures are woven together. (In Swedish)
395 kr

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