Jag har också levat
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Jag har också levat (in Swedish) in the group Books  / Books about Astrid at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789187659065)
Jag har också levat (in Swedish)

Jag har också levat (in Swedish)

The correspondence between Astrid and Louise Hartung from Berlin is a political and cultural conversation set in post-war Europe. Reading their letters is like sitting at a café in Europe in the 50s listening to two lively, inquisitive and curious voices at the next table. The letters provide a detailed picture of the intellectual and political Astrid Lindgren, one side of the world-famous author that is less well known. At the same time, it gives a glimpse of the two women’s deep friendship, which lasted despite the geographical distance and Louise’s unanswered love of Astrid. More than 600 letters were exchanged by the two friends from 1953 until Louise’s death in 1965. There is a constant conversation between them about everyday life, working life, the dreams, the purpose of literature, the art and friendship and, not least, the boundaries of love. Jens Andersen, the author of the critically acclaimed Astrid Lindgren biography Denna dagen, ett liv, who, together with Jette Glargaard, edited and compiled the rich selection of letters and written foreword. (In Swedish)
275 kr

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