Mug - All makt åt Tengil (Black)
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Mug - All makt åt Tengil (Black) in the group Characters  / Brother Lionheart at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (7340043317233)
Mug - All makt åt Tengil (Black)
Mug - All makt åt Tengil (Black)
Mug - All makt åt Tengil (Black)

Mug - All makt åt Tengil (Black)

Fine stoneware mugs with engraved quotes from Astrid Lindgren's most famous characters.

The text on the mug is a quote from the Brothers Lion Heart:

"All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!" in swedish

Material: Stoneware

Care advice:
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
249 kr

More colors:

Mug - And we played and played and played (green)
Mug - Det är konstigt med mig (turquoise)
Mug - Give the children love (grey)
Mug - How high is it, your temperature? (Pink)
Mug - I'm frecklier and prettier than ever (green)
Mug - I'm handsome thoroughly clever (purple)
Mug - If you are very strong (red)
Mug - It's got to go bang (Turquoise)
Mug - Jag har en ärta i näsan (Green)
Mug - Livet är en sak som... (Purple)
Mug - Oh yes, time flies (Yellow)
Mug - S'not something you plan (blue)
Mug - Utan snus i två dagar (Darkblue)
Mug - Var inte ängslig! (dark yellow)

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