Nya läsningar av Astrid Lindgren
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Nya läsningar av Astrid Lindgrens författarskap (in Swedish) in the group Books  / Books about Astrid at Astrid Lindgrens Värld (9789147114955)
Nya läsningar av Astrid Lindgrens författarskap (in Swedish)

Nya läsningar av Astrid Lindgrens författarskap (in Swedish)

It is time to read Astrid Lindgren’s texts through modern scientific eyes! Astrid Lindgren’s stories have long had a place in teaching at schools. New readings of Astrid Lindgren’s authorship confirm this but also show different ways of reading Astrid Lindgren’s stories and that there is a lot to discover in them. The anthology illustrates how the reading of Astrid Lindgren’s texts is affected by contemporary perspectives based on, among other things, gender, ethnicity and research into girls. The book takes a collective view of Astrid Lindgren’s authorship and shows how much work can be done on the texts in the classroom. The anthology, gives the reader examples of new theoretical approaches. There are examples of eco-critical reading of Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, an intermedial perspective on the mother Alma, as well as a comparison between the much-read LasseMaja suite and Kalle Blomkvist at primary school. Issues such as the connection between text and pictures, what makes a classic and what happens when texts are edited. The authors show different ways to read Astrid Lindgren’s stories and thereby gain a greater understanding of how they are written, their current and past context and how the reader contributes to a text when reading it. The anthology highlights that it is important to talk about what is being read and how to read it. The literature talks can help us change the way we look at something and discover new things. There are therefore issues for discussion at the end of each article of the anthology to support the discussion and continue working on the texts. (In Swedish)
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